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Tempo Studio

Tempo creates original music for brands, filmmakers, and clients around the world.


Tempo creates original music for brands, filmmakers and clients around the world.
Any style or genre, we got you! Our team of composers, songwriters and artist guarantees top-quality music tailored to fit any project and budget, while working with local and international orchestras, bands, musicians, and vocalists for the live recording and production.
We use the power of music to help you make deep connections with your audience.


We are music lovers and we know how important it is for you to have the perfect music for your project. We leave no stone unturned. Whether it’s the ideal instrumental that carries the emotion of your brand, the music bed that sits perfectly behind the voiceover or that cue that elevates the scene in your film, we’ll find the right track that brings your story to life.


Tempo offers a wide range of solutions for your audio needs with total creative flexibility. Our team of experienced engineers and producers handles a complete suite of audio post-production services like sound design, 5.1 mixings, and mastering.

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